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trove bespoke arts crown logo that reads custome art for your bespoke life
Trove Arts custome guitar logo that reads art out loud

TROVE will create an exciting and original instrument suited directly to your style, tastes, and budget.
From modified electric guitars themed to your style and ready to
hit the stage to one-string pluckers and wild, just-for-show art guitars.

Celebrate your next group milestone by having your team of ROCKSTARS sign a fully original ART GUITAR custom themed to your needs.
images of smashed guitars displayed that reads "rock and roll trophines ready to sign by your team of rockstars"
Photos of custom, ancient egyptian themed guitars that reads ready to rock or just for looks

TROVE will rip into, paint over, tear down, and build up any standard guitar into a fully original creation that you help design!

Trove will work with your budgetary needs from a custom "reshape" and/or "repaint" of  an affordable (cheap) "starter guitar"  [about  $200 - $600 ] 
or carefully work under the guidance of a respected guitar luthier to create a completely original and finely-tuned custom instrument based on your specifications. [ $1000 + ]

The stuff of legends.
Be part of it.

Far more sexy and exciting than another acrylic plaque,  an electric guitar full belt buckle scrapes and stained with the sweat and blood of rock and roll articulated in MID-SMASH EXPLOSION is the perfect office art to celebrate the accomplishments of a team of bad ass ROCKSTARS.   [about  $200 - $600 ]

Wall or base mounted, these energetic sculptures are impressive conversation pieces as is or can truly dazzle with LED lamps built in as backlights or to replicate flickering sparks and flames.

diddley bow and jitterbug photos that reads "fun to play one string guitars themed to your interests and tastes"

Darn fun to play
  Or to just diddle around with.

TROVE's one string "jitterbugs" are an absolute blast to play for guitar experts, novice pickers, or even children mildly interested in making some noise.
Made famous by blues musicians such as Glen Faulkner, James ‘Super Chickan’ Johnson, and Eddie ‘One String’ Jones this simple instrument can be built fully electric or acoustic with clever resonator chambers such as tin pans or beer cans.


Made with as many repurposed parts and pieces as possible, it can be fun to theme your diddley bow to your tastes and interests from hot sauce to Harry Potter.     [about $100 and up ]

TROVE will create your custom art instrument to suit your needs, tastes, and budget.   Contact TROVE to get your custom project rockin today!

click here to contact Trove Arts to begin a custom art project

Trove Arts
Custom art for your bespoke life.
Offering original artworks ranging from custom multi-panel wall art for bespoke art interiors to copper wire bonsai tree sculptures, TROVE ARTS mission of selling art commissions online makes this the best place to buy canvas art as well as unique and eccentric sculptures.  Trove is proud to be part of Art Milwaukee.

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