[digital download] "SYSTEM- C" / Hi Res original artwork

[digital download] "SYSTEM- C" / Hi Res original artwork

"SYSTEMS - C"/ Hi-Res Digital Download for printing
Watch the SYSTEMS SERIES VIDEO here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TsgQPCn4bwc

Featured in the first issue of ArtScene magazine:  https://issuu.com/footlights/docs/artscene_jan

The systems series is a collection of intricately detailed technical sketches of fantastical structures inspired by blueprints and mechanical schematics.

Multiple layers of pencil, pen, marker and metallic inks create a deep and rich texture of spatially related lines and figures that hold delicate tension of both attraction and repulsion.

The 4500 X 5676 pixel (200 pixels per inch) digital file is perfect for anything from large art prints (36 inches tall) to standard paper in home printers.

notethe original artwork utilizes metallic inks that will not be as brilliant in printed reproductions.

The original artwork is drawn and painted on heavy card stock perfect for dry mounting to a simple matte board or framing behind glass. A perfect addition for any home or office that celebrates architecture and a bit of mathematical whimsy.


Any questions:    trovebespokearts@gmail.com