TWISTED & TORTURED macabre art show OCTOBER 21st 7:30PM

TWISTED & TORTURED macabre art show OCTOBER 21st 7:30PM

    ***ONLY 10 OR LESS REMAINING for this date!!***
Trove Arts presents:

An evening of tales and art history from the macabre.

is an immersive adventure through art history, a handful of historical fiction, a few ounces of decadent themed elixirs, and a dash of a fun painting lesson.


This “Halloween show for grown-ups” is hosted in the Trove Arts ART PARLOUR – a redesigned lower bungalow flat in Wauwatosa created to immerse intimate audiences deep into art-history themed experiences with 10 channel surround-sound, theatrical lighting, custom video, and a variety of special effects!


The ART PARLOUR evolves for each experience presented, and for TWISTED & TORTURED the space will be delightfully dark and ghoulishly Gothic.

   Is that a storm rumbling off in the distance?

    Something scurry underfoot?

The shadowy raven above the door beckons you to find your seat...

     Your journey is about to begin!

TWISTED & TORTURED Is approximately 2 hours and includes:
Exciting, multi-media storytelling.

Two tasty themed libation breaks.
Fun art lesson and supplies.
$5 to towards future ticket purchases or original Trove Art gallery items.

$35 (NO additional fees, taxes, or ticket service costs)