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ancient egypt set wall.png
header graphic for tomb and temple walls with pyramid graphics that reads "your ancient history by desig"

Slide open the door to your romantically lit, secret lounge.  Columns of delicious wines patiently aging on racks framing an ancient section of temple wall.
Flickering candlelight glinting off the warm weathered gold leaf.

Symbols and figures, some nearly scuffed completely away by centuries of sun and sand, seem to hint at a family history.  
  Your family history.
     Or whatever ancient story you'd like to tell.


Large scale, mixed-media, fully one-of-a-kind paintings to cover all or part of a wall with rich textures, symbols, and possibly even portraits evoking a feeling of deep historical significance.

queen nephertari on throne original painting
queen nephertari original painting
graphic that reads "you share some ideas. we'll work up some sketches. together we'll refine ideas. your new, original art piece is born!"

Fully original, one-of-a-kind, custom art designed and crafted with your ideas, style choices, budget, size, and even color palette in mind.  

TROVE will create the perfect "ancient" temple or tomb wall to suit your specific needs and desires.  
Let's get started on your original project now! 

or click the CONTACT button.

Wine cellar wall painting of  egyptian queen
Contact Trove to begin your original art piece

Trove Arts
Custom art for your bespoke life.
Offering original artworks ranging from custom multi-panel wall art for bespoke art interiors to copper wire bonsai tree sculptures, TROVE ARTS mission of selling art commissions online makes this the best place to buy canvas art as well as unique and eccentric sculptures.

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