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Trove Arts presents:

JUNE 15, 16, 17, 22, 23, 24


ART HEIST is an exploration of exciting art history, immersive story telling, a fun art project, and a mysterious "who-dunnit" that evolves throughout your evening complete with secret doors and hidden rooms!

Art theif with crossbow | Art theif jumping to ladder | Trove Arts Art Parlour | Art Heist | Paint & Sip mystery
Art theif stealing Fabrige egg  | Trove Arts Art Parlour | Art Heist | Paint & Sip mystery

Join us for an unforgettable night of artistic adventure in the purposefully designed Trove Art Parlour where you will be immersed into the world of famous (and not-so-famous) art thievery!
Surround sound, theatrical lighting, and some surprising effects enhance this unique and original production.

$39  no added fees, add-ons or taxes.
includes performance, guided art lesson, all art supplies, and complimentary refreshments. 

Common questions:

What can I expect at The Trove Art Parlour?
The doors open at 7:00pm and the show begins promptly at 7:30pm.
From the outside, the Trove Arts Art Parlour is seemingly just an average and typical Milwaukee bungalow. Once you step inside, however, you'll find yourself in a rich, immersive environment that some compare to a walk-through museum diorama filled with art, artifacts, and mystery including The Treasure Hunters Club designed to evoke an exotic transportation hub for the fanciful Trove Treasure Tours.

Is this a “paint and sip?” Is this a “show?”

You will be creating a guided art project and there will be complimentary n.a. “mocktails.”
But Trove's art experiences lean a bit more towards the theatrical, with performance pieces that tell the tales of the art which inspires our project. Think “an exciting TED Talk with theatrical lighting, surround sound, and effects given by your favorite grade school teacher who is also a wonderful artist who can't wait to guide you through a fun project.”

I don't ever make art. OR I am a very experienced artist...
Will I have fun?

Absolutely. Our art experiences are designed to be gentle and inviting baby steps into and through an art project for those a bit timid, with plenty of space to roam and stretch some artistic legs for those more experienced.

What is the “Who-dunnit” portion of the show? Will I have to act like a character or participate?
Some art has been stolen from the Trove Arts Art Parlour!
Throughout the evening there will be hints and clues as to WHO and WHY as well as a trail of breadcrumbs that could lead to the discovery of the stolen treasure!
There are many ways to participate, from quietly paying attention to clues during the show, to partaking in little “quests” (that might involve glow-in-the-dark messages and ultraviolet lights, secret buttons, escape-room type gadgets, and hidden rooms) during the “art breaks.”




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