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TROVE ARTS is the artistic endeavor of Julia and Aaron.
Julia is a second grade teacher who adores sharing the world of art with students of all ages. She is skilled in a variety of arts, from classical orchestral music to various styles of painting. Aaron ran a small stage theater for 12 years where he honed his skills at making neat “somethings” out of “nothings.”  He has a passion for original storytelling, whether in unique art pieces or the theatrical lighting and effects designed for THE ART PARLOUR.

    THE ART PARLOUR came into being as Julia and Aaron followed their stir-crazy ideas and converted the lower flat of their classic Milwaukee bungalow into studio space. The space quickly evolved into a cozy, private art gallery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, designed for intimate shows and truly unique art lessons for exclusively small audiences.
Students not only learn, but experience the lives, works, and techniques of history's most important artists.

    The Art Parlour comfortably seats up to 14 adult students and surrounds them with original artworks, music, sound effects, theatrical lighting, and truly intriguing and charming storytelling.

This eccentric addition to The Art Parlour is a "museum-like
walk-through diorama" representing the riverside dock and train depot headquarters of the fanciful
Trove Treasure Hunters Club Adventure Tour Company.
Be prepared with your passport and ready to board steam trains destined for Cairo, and dress suitably for a quick trail ride through the jungles of the Congo on the back of a vintage military Harley.
Here you may find a few gift shop style trinkets such as Trove Arts post cards, but you'll also discover examples of the strange art commissions Julia and Aaron are known for – such as
ancient Egyptian death masks custom designed in your image...or wild, personalized guitars.
THE TREASURE HUNTERS CLUB makes for an inspiring pre and post show adventure.



2243 N. 60TH STREET

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