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Trove Arts presents
The Schneider House: An Artistic Evening in a Cream City Victorian

Drawing of historic victorian manor | trove arts | brick by brick | fun event in milwaukee | paint and sip

MARCH 2023
The Schneider House

Trove Arts presents a very special artistic event beyond the walls of the Trove Arts Art Parlour!
Quick description: A fully unique non-alcoholic, “paint and sip” style event with exciting history, multimedia storytelling, and a fun, step-by-step art project in a historic Walker's Point, Cream City Brick Victorian Manor.  

milwaukee victorian mansion | walker's point milwaukee | trove arts | brick by brick | fun event in milwaukee | paint and sip

Spend an evening in the historic Schneider House, built by famed architect John Rugee, in Milwaukee's Walker's Point neighborhood.

Enjoy immersive storytelling, explore fascinating history about Milwaukee and the life of the house, tour the first floor, and try your hand at a fun, guided art project!


NOT just a “paint and sip.”

And no, you don't even really need to like making art to have a great time!

Trove Arts exceeds at creating a truly immersive environment (that is not just another big TV screen.)

This unique experience will be enhanced by surround-sound, custom video, engaging historic storytelling and professional theatrical lighting by AntiShadows.

Of course, there will also be an art project gently lead by your host.


Come learn about Emil Schneider, first owner and resident of the house, John Rugee the Architect (Pritzlaff Building, Several Breweries, etc), and the many lives that have shared this house and made it a home over the years.





Doors open at 7:00pm for pre-show touring.
Explore the first floor of The Schneider House including the Ladies' Parlour, the Men's Parlour, Emil Schneider's office, and dining room.
A collection of historical documents, photos and information will be on display throughout.


Show begins at 7:30pm
Trove Arts present MOST "art experiences" in the cozy, and purpose-built ART PARLOUR in Wauwatosa that includes immersive surround-sound, theatrical lighting and effects and video along with poetic story telling and exciting art history lessons. This special event will NOT take place at our home the ART PARLOUR.
"BRICK BY BRICK" takes place in a historic Victorain-Italianate style home in the Milwaukee neighborhood of Walker's Point.   However, this event will thrill with high-end theatrical lighting provided by the renowned Antishadows, video production, poetic theatrics, and other fun surprises! 
At 7:30 guests will take their seats with their own personal art easel, be introduced to their hosts, and offered their first of two complimentary n.a. libations and then the show will begin.   (Think... "Theatrical TED Talk given by your most beloved teacher and backed up by fun lighting and effects.")

What is the "show portion" of the evening about?
An exploration of the stories and lives lived in a house within a city built brick by brick.   Trove will offer a condensed and intriguing look at the history of The Schneider House, its ties to the city as a whole, and how all of it influenced and was influenced by art.

Interspersed through the historical storytelling is... ART!

Whether guests are lifelong artists, casual sketchers, or even a friend who has been "dragged along for this thing," TROVE ARTS art projects are "just right" with friendly, basic instructions, simple techniques, and room to improvise for those comfortable diving deeper.
The guided art lesson/project will fit within the theme of the evening.  All supplies are included at no extra costs.

The entire event typically lasts about 1.5 to 2 hours.

Any questions?  We'd love to hear from you.
Email at

You're going to have a fun, memorable evening doing something unlike anything you'll find anywhere.  
This is NOT just a "paint and sip."
We can't wait to share this special event with you!
     - Julia & Aaron
       Trove Arts


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