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Sometimes we even paint.

Recently, a visitor politely asked where we get some of the art displayed during the show. One of the things we love about putting our art parlour shows together is building the environment. Creating the truly immersive experience where we can all grow and learn a bit together as artists. The event is a piece of art... a piece of art made of many smaller pieces of art. We write the scripts. We record the music... not all of it... but a chunk of it.

We edit video to play on the screen and project around the room. Program the lighting. And, yeah, sometimes we even paint. TIME-LAPSE VIDEO HERE Our current experience, named Luminescence, explores the history of and relationship between art and light. During this show, the impact and lives of impressionists and Caravaggio – and others – are explored. So we thought some examples of their work and style would be great to have hanging in the Parlour. Examples with

actual brush strokes and not just video projections or screens. We also have some theme areas with murals on the walls. Currently, we are building a new, magical room that will serve as a sort of sculpting classroom for clay and wire art... maybe even laser engraving and things like that. Thank you for taking an interest. We hope to see you in person soon. Have a great day and keep exploring art!

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