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hand made elf tiara circlet

"ERIADOR CIRCLET" / Elf tiara jeweled elvish wire woven circlet of copper

**sale prices for pickup only.  no rush. we'll hold your new art for at least 30 days if needed.**



copper, solder, plastic beads


This bejeweled elvish circlet glitters in the sun and is fashioned for a wise elven princess. An all-seeing turquoise bead glitters in a center setting, with a tall crystal towering above it. Dark sapphire beads sparkle richly through the sides of the circlet, and give noble favor to the wearer.

Each crown is hand crafted and truly one of a kind.


Please email with any questions.

All extra fees such as taxes included in price.
Trove doesn't accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations, but please contact if you have any problems with your order or with any questions prior to ordering.

    $73.00 Regular Price
    $43.80Sale Price
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