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"METAL MAIDEN" /P.T. Barnum style Feejee Mermaid sculpture

"METAL MAIDEN" /P.T. Barnum style Feejee Mermaid sculpture

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The Fiji (also spelled as ‘Feejee’) mermaid was a sideshow made from part monkey, part fish, and plenty of paper mache.   The original Fiji Mermaid was displayed in 1842 by P.T. Barnum and is commonly said to have been destroyed in a fire that broke out and burned down Barnum’s museum in 1865.

This Metal Maiden,  born in the  fires of molten tin and durable copper, is a distant cousin to that original Barnum sideshow oddity.

Rising from the sea, perching on a metallic stone, and reaching for the sun, Metal Maiden is a perfect curiosity and conversation starter for any decor that longs for a bit of the unique and strange. 

A partial build video is available with the photos above or watch the detailed build video on our Youtube channel here:

note:  unfortunately the cast metal head shown in the build video apparently had several internal cracks that lead to unreparable damage. (it crumbled apart!)
That head has been replaced with durable polymer clay and looks nearly identical.


Please email with any questions.

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Trove doesn't accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations, but please contact if you have any problems with your order or with any questions prior to ordering.

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