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pulp noir lady killer artwork behind couch

"SAVE THE WORLD OR SAVE YOURSELF!" / Mixed media art sculpture painting


**sale prices for pickup only.  no rush. we'll hold your new art for at least 30 days if needed.**



copper wire, upcycled wood, oil paint, acrylic paint


Height: 16 Inches; Width: 20 Inches; Depth: 3 Inches


Double-sided sculpture painting featuring a space heroine blasting her way through a starfight, or femme fatale pinup seductively wielding a dagger...

You get to choose with this vibrant, tongue-in-cheek, double-sided painting/sculpture that layers acrylic and oil paints, playing with abstract pattern and detail while a pinup-style icon poses on each side.

On one side, a Science Fiction pulp heroine battles to save her world, while on the other side, a mysterious brunette raises a sharp dagger into the air, prepared to defend herself in murky surroundings!

Display both versions of an exciting story with this one of a kind, handmade sculpture/painting featuring a unique scene on each side. This dual-sided, dimensional painting with copper wire twisted throughout adds versatility to your home decor, each side featuring a different style female icon and paint layer and texture treatment, while maintaining a unique, punk-rock, upcycled, mixed-media feel.

This piece is hand crafted from upcycled, 80 year old breadboards and recycled copper wire from historic Milwaukee factories. It can be mounted on your wall or displayed on floor using the attached base flange.

Base flange accepts 1/2 inch steel pipe for shelf or floor mount.
(Parts for simple shelf or floor mount are available at any hardware store. Easy instructions available with purchase or, if needed, a shelf or floor base may be purchased from Trove.)


Please email with any questions.

All extra fees such as taxes included in price.
Trove doesn't accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations, but please contact if you have any problems with your order or with any questions prior to ordering.

    $275.00 Regular Price
    $96.25Sale Price
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