fake artifact statue of alien origin

"UBAID LIZARDMEN" / Figures & Mysterious Necklace with display crate

Two well-weathered, golden statuettes of lizard-like figures along with what may be a ceremonial necklace would be a perfect addition to any curiosities collection. Even the crate that cradles these treasures tells a tale of world travel from museum to museum and through private collections, and now to your private display case.

The name Ubaid is derived from an archaeological site where a large amount of material from the period was excavated - Tell al-`Ubaid. Among the artifacts unearthed were what has come to be known as the Ubaid Lizardmen. They are humanoid figures with reptilian characteristics.

The Al’Ubaid site was first excavated in 1919 by Harry Reginald Hal whose team discovered both Male and female lizardman figurines in varying postures. Nearly all the figurines appear to be wearing helmets and shoulder padding. Some of the figures are holding scepters. Female figures are depicted holding infants that appear to be suckling milk.


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