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copper wire bonsai tree sculpture lamp
copper wire fantasy armor chestplate with quartz pendant
header graphic that reads "twisted copper wire art. twisted sculptures & crowns born from your twisted ideas"

TROVE bends, twists, shapes and solders reclaimed copper wire into unique and original art pieces.

The warm, deep glow of polished copper has made the metal an important and central art medium from ancient paint pigments to immense building domes.

Protected under clear coat, copper surfaces continue to ring with bright, ringing notes.
Left untreated and copper slowly evolves through beautiful brown, turquoise, and green hues of natural oxidation.

The copper electrical cable TROVE creates with previously directed millions of watts of power into the hearts of old Milwaukee factories and breweries.   TROVE projects energize new life and excitement into these retired wires with clever twists, sexy curves, and beautiful gemstone and crystal adornments.

how it works.png
graphics of ballerina, bonzai tree, & robot that reads "robots, figures, trees... to lamp or not to lamp?"

Crowns, tiaras, figures, bonsai trees,  robots or any twisted project idea you dream up can be crafted as tiny shelf figures, desktop centerpieces, or even life-size  sculptures  -  with or without built in lighting.

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fancy sword scabbard
feejee mermaid sculpture

Trove Arts
Custom art for your bespoke life.
Offering original artworks ranging from custom multi-panel wall art for bespoke art interiors to copper wire bonsai tree sculptures, TROVE ARTS mission of selling art commissions online makes this the best place to buy canvas art as well as unique and eccentric sculptures.

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