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TROVE ARTS began offering Art Experiences in our ART PARLOUR during the summer of 2022 with birthday and bachelorette parties, and our first "kids art camp".

This was followed by our first full parlour show "TWISTED & TORTURED" for the Halloween season of 2022.

We aspire to provide truly unique and exciting events in the Milwaukee area.
Occasionally we may revisit some of these productions but, for now, they rest here in our show archive.

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solve a mystery &
make some art!

June 2023 

An exciting adventure in the beautiful Milwaukee County Historical Society "Brewer's Bank" building.

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the schneider house

March 2023 

A unique artistic event in the historic, Victorian Schneider House.

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December - February  2022

An evening devoted to artists known for capturing and venerating light in art.

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Fall / Halloween 2022

An exploration of some of history's most interesting artists of the macabre.

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