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loves to create fun shows and unique painting
But we also offer fully custom treasures
and artifacts!

Custom Ancient Egyptian Sarcophagus / Death Mask

Finely detailed Death Mask replica carefully crafted to resemble your features and reflect your personality.

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Finely detailed ancient Egyptian sarcophagus golden death mask
death mask icon that reads "be  your own golden idol"
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custom egyptian death mask 1.jpg
death mask base model.png
death mask full shroud.png
death mask adornments.png

The "base model" is perfect for wall hanging display and for those who prefer an elegant shell to adorn and decorate themselves.
The "base model" is a beautiful piece even without additional options listed below.

- Head, neck, and upper chest sculpted to your likeness.
- Constructed of sturdy, lightweight paper pulp and mache to resemble your features.
- Metal leaf finish (choices of gold, silver, bronze, copper)
- Expert faux weathering for added realism
  You choose your level of “aging.”
       1. Like new.
       2. Clearly ancient but nearly fully restored.
       3. Carefully extracted during a scientific expedition.
       4. Rough artifact stolen from a collapsed tomb!
               (The example shown is at this level)

- Wall hanging support bracket – ready to hang on a standard, sturdy wall hook.
- Protected with archival U.V. coating
Note: Single front side only. Rear is painted matte black.
No jewelry or adornments included - ready for you to add your own flair.


+$30 Weathered, linen-lined back (instead of unfinished flat black)

+$110 Full head and shoulders and chest - your choice of cleavage, armor, or sculpted robes ("base model" only includes head, neck, and upper chest)

+$185 Full “jewel” adornments similar to the model shown.
(A combination of glass and plastic gemstones custom set in and on the shroud)


+$65 Table stand for 360 degree viewing
(perfect for displaying as a centerpiece)

+$95 Table stand for 360 degree viewing with built-in LED up light to give your custom death mask
the perfect art museum glow.

+$145 Table stand MOTORIZED for slowly rotating 360 degree viewing

+$40 Creation video showing the custom build of your very own death mask 
(similar to THIS VIDEO.)

Shipping note:
We'll work with you to find the most affordable way to ship your treasure - possibly even dropping it off ourselves.  

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