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header graphic for blueprint and schematic inspired artwork that reads "inspired by the best laid plans"

TROVE's SYSTEMS is a unique art series that honors rigid, carefully measured blueprints and schematics while exploring the often unseen connection between these precise technical drawings and the often awe-inspiring, sometimes lust-invoking, physical world objects wrought from such detailed plans.

When studying a SYSTEMS painting you may spy hits of construction diagrams interwoven with recognizable curves and lines of the subject and splashes of abstracted figures.

SYSTEMS paintings are deep and rich with layers, details, and surprising intricacies that stir the emotions sparked by their inspirations.

graphic that reads "you share some ideas. we'll work up some sketches. together we'll refine ideas. your new original art piece is born!"

Choose your subject.
A favorite building?
Perhaps a long-coveted German automobile?
Maybe a fun, little abstraction of your much beloved, candy-colored stand mixer?

Your choice of subject blown up, deconstructed and woven back together in a fantastic original painting.


Mixed media paintings with acrylic, oil, pastels, gold and silver leaf & technical paint markers on canvas or paint board.  
Unique and custom paintings designed with your subject, lifestyle, budget, and even color palette in mind.

Get your custom project started now!
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Watch several SYSTEMS paint videos at TROVE T.V.

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abstract technical drawing of female leg
abstracted woman painting and technical drawing
orginal painting with fluid shapes and ridgid lines
original mixed media painting with delicate line designs and metallic ink tones
unique painting of fantasy blueprints
red painting with dark bold graphic lines and metallic ink

Trove Arts
Custom art for your bespoke life.
Offering original artworks ranging from custom multi-panel wall art for bespoke art interiors to copper wire bonsai tree sculptures, TROVE ARTS mission of selling art commissions online makes this the best place to buy canvas art as well as unique and eccentric sculptures.

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