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This is an art blog with a side of fries.

Welcome to our blog.

couple at the Chicago Magic Lounge
We took a photo for the blog and then went to the Chicago Magic Lounge and then enjoyed magic and drinks.

We are Julia & Aaron, and we are "Trove Arts."

So that apparently makes this an ART BLOG.

Why do an art blog? Well, when thinking about starting a blog, which seems so dated, we began by reading about starting a blog and the “blog experts” out there – most of which seem to write about “how to blog” and how to improve your SEO (search engine optimization) for your blog – all offer the same bits of advice: First, that a blog will help drive traffic to your website, and so everyone with a website should also have a blog. And second, that using a lot of keywords in your blog will improve your website's SEO substantially.

That first thing is silly. Do you happen to have a website or something online that you wish people would find more often? Have you checked out what other people do to accomplish that? A LOT of folks (and businesses) have ENDLESS “social” media that all works to direct you further into their “web of influence.” It's madness. You find a cool painting online on Instagram, and it directs you to “follow me on YouTube.” Check out their YouTube, and it pushes you to multiple Facebook groups and pages. Those then advertise a website. The website asks you to hook up on Twitch and Twitter. Madness. So what is this blog to be about? We like art. Our business is art. So probably mostly about art.

(See how we used that “art” keyword a few times there?) But what aspects of arty-art-art in Milwaukee art should we focus on? Of course, we hope that this blog helps increase traffic to our website.

But why? We like to sell art. Of course. We enjoy working with clients and tackling unique art commissions to make special, coveted, little treasures for people. (or big treasures. big is good too.) So is that what we should write about and therefore build up a mass of keywords about art commissions in Milwaukee unique art one-of-a-kind art for sale? (We're tryin, ok?)

We also enjoy just sharing ideas and inspirations with other artistic folks who also enjoy creating unique artworks.

So perhaps we blog about art inspirations? Maybe a few “how to make art” topics?

Trove Arts also works really hard on our original art lesson show events held in our Art Parlour. These are – not to overuse the term “unique” - really darn unique events that nicely bridge the gap between splash-and-dash paint-and-sip parties and serious art technique and history lessons. It's pretty great to host little, intimate groups and truly immerse them (at some point we ARE going to talk about the so-called “immersive art shows” touring the world and sucking up cash from people who can't believe how big a TV screen can be) in multimedia storytelling in our purpose-built art

studio loaded with theatrical lighting and effects. So it seems that we will have to blog about those shows and some behind-the-scenes of what goes into them.

Ultimately, we'll, of course, try to be somewhat cognizant of creating content (as the webmaster say) that attracts potential patrons. But we have also learned that doing what we like and making what we like to make IS sometimes just the right thing to put out into the world. Because if we were approaching this art business – sorry, I mean this Art Lessons and Original Art Commissions in Milwaukee (hashtag KEYWORDS) business – strictly as a smart, money-making business venture (almost kept a straight face there) we'd be burger artists. Well… Pop burger artists who mass produce a perfectly average hamburger. And instead of being called “Trove Arts” we'd call ourselves something like “McDonald's.”

Yeah, we know he was eating Burger King.

So we'll probably blog about burgers sometimes too. Hashtag BestBurgersInMilwaukee

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